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About Us

Who we are

Since 1961 Early Years Wales has been the largest umbrella organisation supporting a range of comprehensive membership services to the Early Years sector in Wales.

Our main activity is to enhance the development and education of pre-school children in Wales by encouraging parents to understand and provide for their needs through high quality pre-school provision and childcare.

What we do

Early Years Wales wants to support all pre-school children their families and Early Years providers to give every child across Wales the best start in life by:

  1. Supporting early years providers
  2. Supporting families to participate in play
  3. Widely promoting the work of Early Years Wales
  4. Contributing to policy implementation at National and Local levels
  5. Developing Partnerships
  6. Maintaining and developing the organisation’s governance and management
  7. Recruiting and developing staff and volunteers
  8. Seeking and managing funding to maintain and expand our services

How we do it

Early Years Wales has always supported parents and families to participate in their children’s development. This was a founding objective of the organisation and we continue to develop ways to ensure that families are supported from birth through their early years.

We believe that in order to give children in Wales the best start in life, we need to provide services which promote child development and support families.

We are committed to supporting our members by sharing information and providing guidance, we support our members to provide early intervention and family services programmes; providing high quality support and representation to our members; and by offering our own accredited quality assurance scheme – Quality for All (QfA).  As a charity we work collaboratively with other organisations including other early years, childcare education, play charities and statutory agencies, to deliver our services, such as access to affordable, flexible and high-quality childcare and play provision.

…above all else we are here to offer a listening ear and to support our members to achieve their goals.

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