All Wales Safeguarding Procedures

The Wales Safeguarding Procedures are now live!

The procedures detail the essential roles and responsibilities for practitioners to ensure that they safeguard children and adults who are experiencing, at risk of abuse, neglect or other kinds of harm.

The Wales Safeguarding Procedures will guide safeguarding practice for all those employed in the statutory, third (voluntary) and private sectors in health, social care, education, police, justice and other services.

They apply to all practitioners and managers working in Wales, whether employed by a devolved or non-devolved agency, and whether in paid or unpaid work.

Uniquely there will be no printed copies of the procedures. Instead they will be available to everyone online, either via the dedicated Wales Safeguarding Procedures website or a mobile app.

The Wales Safeguarding Procedures app are available for download now via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. They can also be viewed in English at and in Welsh at


Wales Safeguarding Procedures Frequently Asked Questions



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