Reminder to call CIW to get a PIN and activate an account

By now you should have received a letter to let you know that from January 2020 CIW will be going online for childcare and play providers, and asking you to create your online account by calling CIW on 0300 7900 126 and selecting option 4. You need to create an online account in order [...]

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SASS 2020 – CWLWM Support Sessions

The CWLWM Partnership organisations are providing SASS support to all providers between January 6th and February 4th 2020. A variety of sessions have been arranged to cater for all from evening drop in sessions to weekend workshops, as well as plenty of telephone and email support available during office hours. To see what's happening [...]

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Self Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) & CIW Online

‼️ Important information from CIW ‼️ Keep an eye out for your letters from CIW, childcare & play providers! They will contain important information on using CIW Online to submit your Self Assessment of Service Statement (SASS).   The SASS will OPEN on January 6th 2020, and CLOSE on February 4th 2020. All [...]

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CIW Online

In November 2019 you will receive a letter from CIW with important information about CIW Online. This letter requires you to take action to activate an online account. You must do this whether you have previously created an online account or not. Your online account will make it much easier for you to [...]

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