Childcare Capacity in Wales Report

Welsh Gov have recently published a report on Childcare Capacity in Wales which aims to determine the ability of the existing childcare market to provide for the potential future demands for childcare, particularly when the new Childcare Offer is introduced.

This involved three main stages:

  • Identifying the supply of childcare and where it is located
  • Identifying which areas in Wales are likely to have higher demand for childcare
  • Comparing the supply and potential demand

The report seeks to map childcare supply across Wales to potential demand, calculated by the number of children aged under 4 within a reasonable travel distance of registered childcare settings.

As a result, an estimate of childcare availability, which is the ratio of supply to demand, has been calculated as the number of hours available to each child based on available childcare in their area.

To view the report in full or just the summary please follow this link.

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