CIW Online

In November 2019 you will receive a letter from CIW with important information about CIW Online. This letter requires you to take action to activate an online account.

You must do this whether you have previously created an online account or not.

Your online account will make it much easier for you to work with CIW, providing one simple and effective way to submit information about any changes to your service.

Please look out for your letter and take action within the set timescales to follow the instructions and activate your account.

This is in preparation for early 2020, when childcare and play providers will be required, by CIW to submit a Self-Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) online. The SASS enables CIW to gather and update the information they hold on childcare and play services. In addition to the SASS, providers will also be required to submit a Quality of Care review, describing their own assessment of the quality of care provided and how they monitor their own performance.

Early Years Wales will provide further information and an update on this in coming weeks.

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