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Self Assessment of Service Statement (SASS)

Childcare and play providers registered with CSSIW are required to complete an annual self-assessment and review of the quality of care at their service (SASS) from July 2016.

As part of their development of online services, for the first time you are requested to complete your SASS using CSSIW Online.

In preparation for this new way of working, please read through this message and read the attached documents which contain more detail.

The Registered Person or Responsible Individual has responsibility to complete the SASS on behalf of the service.

For groups where there is more than one Registered Person or Responsible Individual, you will already have been contacted by CSSIW and asked to nominate one individual to complete the SASS on behalf of the service.

Before you can access the SASS, you will need to set up an online account for your service.  Clear instructions for doing this are contained in the attached ‘Storyboard’.

Correspondence will be sent to you by post, direct from CSSIW during the week commencing 4th July 2016 to provide you with PIN codes to enable you to access and complete the SASS online.

The SASS will need to be completed between 11th July and no later than 17th August.

A checklist of steps to follow and information you will need to have available are attached to help you.

If you are not familiar with using internet based data collection applications, please do not panic.  Please contact your local Wales PPA office or Head Office in Cardiff with any queries you might have.  We are here to help.

For more information please also see the CSSIW website

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Storyboard – Child minder who already has an account

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Wales PPA SASS Support Sessions

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