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Welsh Language Support

Why Welsh?

‘The Welsh language is one of the treasures of Wales. It is part of what defines us as people and as a nation.’

In 2017 Welsh Government set out it’s vision to increase the the number of people able to enjoy speaking and using Welsh to a million by 2050. This is certainly a challenging ambition, but a challenge Early Years Wales believes is worthwhile and necessary if we are to secure the vitality of the language for future generations.

Welsh Government are very clear that they ‘cannot insist that parents and carers use the Welsh language with their children, that children play together in Welsh or that someone uses Welsh socially’ They can, ‘however, work to provide the conditions to facilitate an increase in the use of Welsh’. With this in mind Early Years Wales have adopted the following principles established by the Welsh Language Act 1993 and Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 which state that:

  • In Wales, the Welsh language should be treated no less favourably than the English language
  • Persons in Wales should be able to live their lives through the medium of the Welsh language if they choose to do so

Early Years Wales work with our members to ensure these principles are embedded into everyday practice within the setting.

On these pages you will find a host of resources and downloadable tools designed to support you and your staff to implement the Welsh language within your setting.

SOURCE: gov.wales

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