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Childcare – What’s it all about?

Helping to shape their future

Early years childcare and education has many benefits in helping shape a child’s confidence and curiosity before attending school. When children are young, every experience and encounter is a learning opportunity and quality childcare gives them the opportunity to learn as they grow. Advantages of children attending an early years setting include:

  • Being introduced to other children within the setting helps to improve their social skills, enabling them to find stability within friendship groups. Children can make friends, learn to share, cooperate and become accountable for their actions, all within a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Sessions within a quality childcare environment are usually planned to be both fun and exciting. They help them build more confidence, a natural curiosity and a love for learning.
  • Childcare can guide children in helping them understand that everyone is unique and special in their own way with their own beliefs, culture and ethnicity. Valuing differences and diversity are crucial in early development, and childcare workers can act as a guide to make sure children appreciate and accept differences.
  • Early years childcare and education can help a child to become a better communicator at an early age by boosting a child’s vocabulary, a critical component in language development and literacy.

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