Policy Forum for Wales seminar – Cardiff (Thursday 3rd October 2019: 8:30am – 1:00pm)

Policy Forum for Wales Seminar – ‘Implementing the new curriculum in Wales, measuring pupil progress and reforming 14-16 qualifications’

This seminar will examine the key issues surrounding the design and implementation of the new school curriculum.

Ahead of the introduction of a curriculum and assessment Bill during this Assembly term, the seminar will be an opportunity to discuss key issues emerging from the Welsh Government’s consultation on the draft curriculum, and those attending will consider new curriculum and assessment arrangements, due to be finalised in January 2020.

Attendees will assess impact of proposals to remove key stages and move towards a continued learning process with progression steps at certain ages, the prioritisation of formative assessment and a move away from the allocation of levels.

They will also look at how to support schools in preparing for the new curriculum – alongside discussion on the inspection arrangements for the new curriculum, as Estyn begins a series of consultations which include the proposal to partially suspend inspections for maintained schools between 2020-21 in a Transition Year so that Estyn can work with schools on the curriculum changes.

With Estyn expected to announce a new inspection framework in September 2021, there will also be discussion on what the new framework should include.

The agenda also focuses on how to prepare and support teachers – who will have increased freedom in the ways they are able to teach – following concerns around clarifying expectations of teachers. There will also be discussion on the resources and funding available to ensure effective implementation.

Delegates will also discuss content, and the six proposed areas of learning and experience.

Guest speakers include Professor Graham Donaldson, Review Lead, Successful Futures, Independent Review of Curriculum and Assessment Arrangements in Wales, 2015.

& our very own Chief Executive Officer, Jane Alexander, will be a guest speaker at the event discussing implementing new assessment measures to monitor pupil progress throughout school.

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