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How QfA will benefit your business

  • The children and families are in the front line to benefits from QfA. They will have high quality staff caring for them in inviting safe environments where they can develop holistically. Whatever the reason leaving children in childcare provisions can be a daunting time for parents. They can read the CIW and Estyn reports to better inform their choices when choosing childcare but if they can also see that a setting has achieved a Quality Award for their Childcare setting, then they will see the provisions commitment is an ongoing investment to work at being the best and continuously improve.
  • Therefore, the QfA Award will also promote your business. You can advertise your success on the Family Information Service, (FIS) website, on your Facebook or website page, and you can frame your certificate and show it off to existing parents and visitors.
  • QfA does not involve a simple tick box online exercise. Your assessment will involve a personal touch, you tell us what you do best and how you’ve improved and we will send a qualified assessor to spend some time at your childcare provision. Your QfA assessor will write a report that you can show off to parents, regulators and local authorities. They may share recommendations for you to consider, these would be designed to help you to embed the quality childcare you provide or to improve your overall grade.
  • The scheme is working in partnership with the required regulations and polices therefore, the written evaluation that you have to complete would have a lot of cross over and relevance. It links to Care Inspectorate Wales, CIW regulatory requirements and demands that are made on you by other regulators and local authorities.
  • Quality for All, (QfA) is excellent value for money. In the current tough economic climate QfA allows you to spread the cost over a period of time rather than in one lump sum.

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