Welsh Government #Talkchildcare: Feedback from parents and providers

In August 2016,  Welsh Government launched the #TalkChildcare campaign in order to talk to parents and providers about the new childcare offer for Wales. The campaign aimed to understand the current barriers parents face in accessing childcare, what’s important to them about the new offer and to ensure that providers are aware of the offer and have the opportunity to raise any questions.

Welsh Government have since considered the responses and feedback, and have updated their web pages to reflect the key messages parents and providers have raised.

As the childcare offer develops Wales PPA will continue to work with the Welsh Government and to champion the needs of our members. We will as always, continue to keep you updated as the  #TalkChildcare campaign develops.

If you wish to share your views with us, particularly if you are taking part in the early implementation scheme please email: info@earlyyears.wales or contact us via social media.

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